1. adult male, husband, Inf. common-law husband, Inf. lover; chap, fellow, Sl. gazabo; beau, blade, sir, squire, sahib, hidalgo, don; Mister, Mr., Sp.Sefior, Fr.Monsieur, Port.Senhor, Ger.Herr.
2.Homo sapiens, human beings, the human race, mankind, mortals, humankind.
3. human, human being, individual, someone, anyone, anybody.
4. follower, employee, enlisted soldier; manservant, gentleman's gentleman, valet, house boy, houseman, butler, attendant; subject, liege, vassal, subordinate, dependent; bachelor-at-arms; cup-bearer, page, equerry, groom, orderly, aide-de-camp; boots, flunky, footman, waiter; hireling, satellite, puppet, mercenary, bondsman; thrall, drudge, churl, workman, handyman, man-of-all-work, hired man, cleaning man, day laborer, hack; factotum, henchman, Inf. right hand, Inf. right-hand man.
5. exemplary man, man of honor, gentleman, Yiddish. mensch; brave man, valorous man, Galahad; hero, warrior, soldier, paladin, knight, knight-errant, chevalier; Inf. trump, Inf. brick, Inf. square shooter; Inf. jewel, paragon, model, standard, good person, man among men.
6. as one man
unanimously, in complete accord, with one voice, concordantly, in concert; all together, by common consent, one and all, without contradiction, without one dissentient, without one "nay" vote, without a blackball.
7. to a man
with no exception, everyone, each and every one, the whole team, Fr. tout ensemble; all hands, all hands and the cook, every mother's son, the whole batch of them, the whole tribe.
8. man and boy
since childhood, all one's life, all one's born days, all one's natural life; always, forever, Inf. since Hector was a pup.
9. one’s own man
independent, unconstrained, unrestrained, unchecked, unhampered, unhindered; unobstructed, unrestricted, unconfined, uncontrolled, untrammeled; unsubject, ungoverned, unenslaved, unen-thralled, unvanquished; unmarried, bachelor, unattached, free, foot-loose, foot-loose and fancy-free.
10. staff, people, garrison, station, equip, arm, outfit, gird, fit out.
11. fortify, strengthen, restrengthen; brace, reinforce, buttress, prop up; prime, stiffen, give strength to, shore up.

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